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My New Love- Photography

I started this blog over 9 years ago. That’s a long time in the world of blogs. At the time, my only goal was to showcase our projects. Projects we were doing in our own home and projects people were hiring us to do. My expectations were reasonably low. I just wanted to be able […]

Why we Paint- Part 2

The recession of 2007-2008 was a wake up call, a game changer. We went from a very comfortable living mostly from my radio advertising sales job to having to use credit cards to cover our monthly expenses. When a business is faced with budget cuts, unfortunately advertising is one of the first things to go. […]

Why We Paint- The Tucker Story

It occurs to me that I’ve never REALLY shared our story with you. The part about how we started, how we created a sustainable home based business, how prayers were answered and how very thankful we are to be in this place in our lives. Part 1​I was working in sales at a radio station in […]

Kitchen Cabinet Updating Ideas

What is Cabinet Glazing?

Are you thinking of having your kitchen cabinets painted? If so, there are lots of decisions to make as a homeowner concerning the new look of your kitchen. Before I ever meet a client on site to make suggestions for their cabinets, I try to get a little information on what kind of look they […]

The Highlight Reel- Our Top Kitchen Makeovers of 2015

What a crazy, beautiful, unbelieveable year! We have had THE BEST clients! And lots of super projects that made for great before and after photos. This by far was the year of Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers. It made up about 90% of our project base this year. Wow! I’m sharing some of our favorite makeovers below.So […]

Is Kitchen Cabinet Painting a Fad?

Kitchen cabinet painting. Everyone is talking about it. Is it a fad? Is it the right choice for my kitchen? Will it decrease or increase the value of my home? Let’s break down those questions. Question: Is kitchen cabinet painting a fad? Answer: No. Kitchen cabinets have been painted for over 100 years. What could […]

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