Year End Projects Recap

This has been the biggest and best year in the history of Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes and we want to say THANK YOU. We've got to give credit to our wonderful clients, loyal friends and SOCIAL MEDIA. Hundreds of you have shared our blog posts and photos and a couple of our projects have even gone viral AND one was featured in a national magazine. Social media is a crazy cool and wonderful thing. It has certainly changed the way that people find us and contact us about booking projects. Here … [Read more...]

How to Rehab Your Outdoor Furniture

I've had my eye on this outdoor sectional since my friend, Nancy purchased it about 5 years ago. I have many great memories of lounging on this furniture around her pool. Brooks and I have been undergoing a major backyard renovation these last several months including the installation of a new flagstone patio. Since most of our budget went into building the patio, I had to get creative about how to fill the space with furniture. This is where Nancy's Pottery Barn Chesapeake Outdoor … [Read more...]

Painted Furniture Nashville TN- Our new adventure

I've written about painted furniture before. I have a deep affection for old and chippy paint finishes. As a matter of fact, I am curating quite the collection of enviable paint finishes that I have found in my travels across the Internet. I'm saving these finishes on my Painted Furniture pin board on Pinterest. Each time I run across a beautiful painted piece that I don't want to forget, I pin it so I can use it as inspiration later. If you don't know about Pinterest yet, you can read about it … [Read more...]

Painting Open House- You Are Invited!

If you've known us for any length of time you will have noticed that Brooks and I are a little addicted to painting and design. Our home is our training ground. It is constantly evolving as we try out new products and techniques, incorporate current trends, and makeover and update previously updated and made over rooms. We fully recognize the fact that our home is NOT the norm. Most every single wall and ceiling and several floors and pieces of furniture have some type of paint or plaster … [Read more...]

Christmas at the Tuckers

I have been accused of "over sharing" on facebook. I am one of those people who LOVES social media and can't get enough updates about what all my friends are up to. I love it when people include photos so I can get a visual of how they live and what they have going on in their lives. So, I naturally assume that everyone also wants to know what is going on with me and my family. (well, maybe someone out there does) So, I thought I'd show you how we decorate for Christmas at the Tuckers. … [Read more...]

Resurfacing Existing Countertops

I'd like to introduce you to a little counter top magic. Maybe it's not really magic, but it sure can make ugly Formica counter tops disappear. We use a concrete overlay product that can be applied to virtually any surface like laminate, tile, wood, fireplace surrounds and Formica. It can be used on floors, tub and shower surrounds, and of course, counter tops. It is an environmentally friendly product because it is LOW V.O.C. But even more Earth friendly is the fact that you don't have to tear … [Read more...]

Timeless Venetian Plaster Finishes

Whether you are looking for a durable eco- friendly finish for your walls, a subtle timeless classic or a WOW wall or ceiling finish, Venetian Plaster may be the right choice for you. Although most applicators of Venetian Plaster are "faux finishers" by trade, Venetian Plaster is anything BUT  a faux finish. As a matter of fact , according to Stucco Italiano Inc., "It’s the most authentic veneer wall finish you can have. When natural, lime-based venetian plaster is applied it will eventually … [Read more...]

Painted Furniture

Giving new life and purpose to worn out and discarded furniture is one of our passions. Another one of our passions is the hunt for these timeless pieces. We live for Flea Market Weekends and yard sale weather. Thank God for Craigslist which sustains our habit for finding unique furniture pieces all year long. We love the new show American Pickers on the History Channel. The show is about two guys who travel the country from Coast to Coast picking through junk. If they see an interesting house … [Read more...]

Architectural Enhancements

One of the best ways to add some drama and sophistication to your home is to highlight  the existing architectural features. We always recommend that clients include the crown molding when we are developing faux finishes for the walls. It draws the eyes upward and completes the line of the room. In addition to crown molding, don't forget to give consideration to these fabulous features as well: … [Read more...]

Faux Finishes for Every Design Style

Let's face it, a lot of people have misconceptions about what Faux Finishing really is. If  the term "faux finishing" conjures up visions of sponge paint and stenciled grape vines, then keep on reading because "We've come a long way baby". When I tell most people what we do for a living they have usually never seen a professional faux finish up close and in person. Although we do have "sponges and stencils" in our tool kit, we don't use them in the ways that most people would think. If you are … [Read more...]